Our Songs

We love to sing as well as play, but every event is different and sometimes songs are great and sometimes they are intrusive, so we check this out in the planning process and also on the night.

We can use the songs in 3 ways:

Firstly, as background music, as people gather or leave, or as people eat. 

Secondly, we can perform songs during the night for guests to listen to.  This is ideal as a break between dances - gives folks a breather, and, let's be honest, it brings things closer to the way a ceilidh should be. 

Lastly, and most fun, we can invite everyone to sing along - songs that people know, or used to know.  Traditional folk songs like Loch Lomond or classic 'Glasgow folk' stuff like the Jeely Piece song are great for this.  We can even supply sheets with song words, in case it's been a while for some!

Here are some of our most commonly used songs:

Flow Gently Sweet Afton,   My Love is like a Red, Red Rose,  

Ae Fond Kiss,   Westering Home, Mairi's Wedding,

Caledonia,  Young at Heart, Sunshine on Leith,

Killikrankie,  Bonnie Dundee,   Duncan Gray,   Corn Rigs,  

The Rose of Allandale,   Mary Mack,   Nicky Tams

Red Yoyo,   Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede,   Jeely Piece Song,   Johnny Lad

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