The Musicians

Gordon Whyte:   violin, accordian, guitar, vocals

Susan Whyte:   bodhran, vocals

Fiona Kettlewell:   violin

Paul Pitcher:   keyboard

Ciaran Whyte:   drums


Most ceilidhs will have a mixture of experienced and novice dancers.  We take people through the steps if necessary ('call' the dances) but always do it in a light hearted way, and as quickly as possible so that the dancing is not overshadowed by the teaching!

 We are all based in the Glasgow area, and will gladly take on bookings within a few hours drive - anywhere from Dundee to the Borders.  We are also happy to receive enquiries from further afield, including the Scottish Islands and the rest of the UK, but we will have to pass on the additional costs of travelling and accommodation.  For some the attraction of a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band at their wedding or party is still worth the extra cost - please get in touch and we'll give you a quote.